Work and vocation that is useful, satisfying and provides high quality products or services valued by others is an important part of life at Newton Dee. Through their work, everyone gains dignity and a sense of self-worth. Responsibility and social skills are developed and work provides an avenue for training and learning new skills. Many of our work places serve the public and foster integration with the wider community.

The Newton Dee Cafe, Gift-shop and Store are popular with the public. The Cafe serves delicious homemade food, often using produce from our gardens and farms, and using organic ingredients whenever possible. Our Store stocks probably the widest range of organic and whole food items and environmentally friendly products in the area, our Gift shop sells quality items from our own craft workshops, other Camphill centres, and from local craft workers and other ethical suppliers.


Our award-winning Bakery and Confectionery produce quality bread, pizza, cakes, flans, pastries and biscuits, using organic ingredients whenever possible, for our households, Store, Cafe and their own Bakery shop which is open to the public. Work and training are in a cheerful atmosphere under experienced managers.


The craft workshops produce quality art and craft items sold in our Gift shop and distributed worldwide from our online shop and through ‘Camphill Products’.


The Toyshop produces a wide range of wooden toys and the Metal workshop specialises in hand beaten copper work, jewelry and a range of unusual Christmas decorations. In the Craft Studio, a wide range of artistic themes are followed. Training in the joinery, The Woodcais, provides skills, including the use of machinery, to produce larger items and bespoke furniture. Teamwork is the essence of our workshops, with everyone taking great pride in their workmanship.


Our biodynamic farms and market gardens make good use of the 180 acres at Newton Dee, producing quality food for our households, Cafe and Store. There is healthy physical outdoor work, tending cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry and sowing, cultivating and harvesting vegetables, fruit, flowers and salad produce.


Maintenance of our surrounding wooded grounds also provides work. Domestic work - cooking meals and keeping houses clean and comfortable - is vital to our community well being.


Those who no longer work due to age or health considerations are encouraged to remain as active as possible by involvement in our Activity Group and a range of other suitable activities to keep the body

and mind agile.


Workshops and Projects

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