Everyone needs opportunities to fulfil their potential and have a rewarding, meaningful life.  Such opportunities can be limited for those with learning and other disabilities.  However, when a community is based on mutual respect and support, this creates opportunities for all.  Newton Dee is such a community!


 Newton Dee creates, sustains and continues to develop a wide variety of work opportunities for adults with learning disabilities, and in doing so creates opportunities for others to work alongside, offer support and guidance, and make a difference in their own lives as well.  In practical terms this means working in home environments—we run 20 residential houses with adults with learning disabilities; working on the land—we have two farms and two market gardens; working in one of our 6 craft workshops; or working in our cafe and store which are open to the public.  As we are a residential community and not just a working community, this also means having the opportunity to engage with an active and vibrant social and cultural life, much of which is based in our new and purpose built auditorium and community centre.


There are three routes into working at Newton Dee, each being distinct in their own way, but all fulfilling the essential role of being a 'Co-Worker', that is working with and enabling the lives of adults with learning disabilities.


1.Newton Dee welcomes a large group of live-in volunteers each year.  Mostly young people, many on gap year placements, between jobs or prior to going on to university, they come from all over the world and help create a truly international flavour.  Usually a one-year commitment is required, however many tend to stay longer.  See short-term Co-Worker FAQ's.  Linked here


2. Newton Dee has a core of long-term 'Camphill Co-Workers' who live-in and are officially classed as self-employed vocational workers.  This role is a further commitment to Newton Dee's and Camphill's ethos and values and therapeutic life-style.  Typically such Co-Workers make a substantial commitment to uphold these values and usually manage households as well as perform other tasks in the community.


3.Newton Dee also employs people to fulfill some roles, typically managing a workshop or carrying administrative tasks in the office.  All employed people are expected and encouraged to work as full members of the community, mutually responsible for upholding the values at the heart of the community.


As part of our commitment to training and further professional development, Newton Dee provides Induction Trainings, a Foundation Course and a Continuation Course, and will support successful applicants to participate in the BA in Social Pedagogy.


We are always accepting applications for Voluntary Co-Worker positions.  For these and other current roles being recruited please go to the Work Opportunities page or click here



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