Those who offer the essential support for those with special needs in our Community are known as co-workers. Newton Dee has long-term and short-term co-workers.


Our short-term co-workers include many young people, who come to Newton Dee from all over the world. Normally they work with us on a voluntary basis for about a year. Occasionally there are opportunities for shorter periods.


Our young co-workers bring different cultures and experiences with them, as well as vigour and enthusiasm. They gain new skills and perspectives, and a broader understanding of people during their time with us.


Older people, bringing life experience and skills, are welcome too.


Everyone who lives in the Camphill communities regards their work not as a job, but as a way of life. Newton Dee co-workers are not paid directly for the work they do, but their needs are met from the resources of the community.


We promise an experience that will make a real difference!


Please read our FAQ’s before you apply.




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